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Getting on the road eight years ago, we see improvements as time passes. The sharing that A Music and Events (AUGUSTINE MUSIC AND EVENTS) does is primal in motive. Weddings are primary concern but other events like corporate, debut, party, anniversary, birthday, funeral, you name it where music is needed and we are around to deliver.


A Music and Events (AUGUSTINE MUSIC AND EVENTS) started as a classical group where serious music is called but to satisfy everybody we plunge to a variety of performances according to theme or music client desires. Any event for that matter is special and treating it the best we can is paramount. We search the music needed. We put some touches when we deliver but most of all, being professional musicians, we are careful not to tarnish the music.


Weddings in the Philippines are planned and a couple makes sure that suppliers deliver and wedding musicians being the last considered make sure also to bring  the best they can. Most groups join the wagon enjoying the merits of being wedding musicians in the Philippines, be it String Quartet, Wedding Music Ensemble or Live Band Music. The numerous talents around compete to gain exposure while most hardly find a niche in the music industry. Too many to choose where quality differs.


Corporate Event Musicians are needed for companies during an inauguration, launching, special party, sales event. Often, there is a theme for a corporate event. Service providers adhere adding success to such event.


String Quartet fits for cocktail, special dinner, weddings. It is a relaxing group where subtlety of music is found as guests enjoy soft melody during dinner. No need to raise their voices during conversation. It even relaxes the mood of everyone.


Party Musicians create life for guests to enjoy the moment. Lively music presents the tone for guests to feel the beat or dance to their delight or just to add merriment to the event. The temporary joy from drinks, food, music and dance are but memories for humans need relief from everyday tension.


Funeral Musicians are around not to add grief to the bereaved but to make people there more relaxed as tempered music is performed. It is not necessarily doleful music but soulful or the old romance to rekindle memories not tears. When we do funerals, the feeling is unexplainable joy.


Music is a universal need and the proliferation of musicians never ends. Brilliance come and go but talent never ceases. It remains. It shares.


A site where we share experiences of what we do best and help the best for your events. We do weddings, debut, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate affairs, funerals and the like that deserves the quality of trust.

Consult us what’s best for your event and map out possibilities for good results based from your ideas and our knowledge gained from fruitful engagements.

Visit us at – http://augustinemusic.yolasite.com or https://www.facebook.com/augustinemusicandevents/ to know how we do our work.

The eagerness to contribute for an awesome event – small or big is what drives us to value sincere service. And shared knowledge is treasure in a special manner.


Passion for music displays evidence in any performance we do and the music we do elevates us to value what is real beauty in the realm of artistry. The least we can do is to perform them the best we can. Maybe, a little deviation here and there but still maintains the beauty of the melody.

One example of a classic music is the video below – “Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan”


Classical music standardizes wedding ceremony and reception regardless of theme where other forms exhibit purpose by performing songs and music from the past and present that require personal interpretation. Gifted musicians in the Philippines can do justice.

Romantic songs and music are still the favorites for their universal messages of endearment. Love songs are here to stay no matter. They are best for weddings. A love song carries the notion that here I am telling you what is in my souL. Lovers then find the true meaning of a song.

Popular songs are the most inimitable pieces of music. Something new strikes  without feeling what it expresses. Something popular tells that you are in. This is the reason why composers and lyricists just do a particular music without  the heart if it is a worthy piece of art.

Solemn music is high-marked that calls for careful interpretation with the right technique of singing complimenting that strong message intended. Church and ceremony songs are vital pieces to maintain beauty of wedding rituals for Catholics and Christians.

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