A wedding is a special event that requires everything special and one of them are music to be performed for the ceremony and reception. During the ceremony there’s a strict rule for propriety. No matter what religion you are in liturgical music is the apt choices. They not only exude solemnity of a kind but the message put especially when vocally rendered. The bridal walk is a crucial part where music relevance is required. The couple has their music choice. Maybe a little orientation or suggestion will clear a doubt or enlighten for a real score. On our part, we do suggest the right or appropriate piece and basing from weddings we have served we know what is best.


Just to help the soon-to-wed couple here are some list for the church and reception. It adds to your present list and some choices might appeal to you both. Then narrow down your choices. Either you are a catholic or a Christian or a Baptist or Methodist these choices fill the requirement.


We love performing and the most romantic music still tops our list. We see to it that every choice we make appeals to many. If you have your choices it is easier for us because with your music, at least we can determine you really prefer.


For the reception, all music genre goes. Music should add merriment to the celebration and the rule of the game is VARIETY. And that is strictly followed anyway. Musicians know their part and their presence add flavor to the event. And what is better way to celebrate but music and dance.