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An intimate wedding of a Japanese and Filipino went on at a small cafe with 30 guests of close relatives only. There was not much of a program but music went on by the Augustine Music who unselfishly provided even stand-in music for the venue doesn’t have one.

The program was sustained by trivia questions and answers to let the guests know more about the couple with some inferences as right then receiving some special tokens from the couple. I learned that they were both well-traveled and the Japanese bride speaks very good English.

The Filipino groom is righly calm without a hint of stress and everybody in the cafe exuded joy for the couple even only two Japanese guests were present – the bride’s mother and grandmother. Still, there was warmth.

The venue is very Filipino with a touch of antiquity with modern relish. A recommendable place where intimate gathering is called and elegant fine dining.

And performing in such a place is reminiscent of Casablanca.


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A wedding program host is someone who doesn’t steal the show or make headway but around to make activities stream smoothly. He is there not to showcase his power of words or dynamic delivery or a booming voice but there to sincerely run the program with honest wit and humor.

An effective wedding emcee is someone who doesn’t squall to the top of his voice or shrieking to his delight. Only for his delight.

Smile does magic and careful choice of words defines intelligence. Energy pass off from controlled tone of voice and surely commands attention.

Most wedding program emcees believe that the night is theirs. They are there to satiate their egos not the couple and their guests. Their effect is street picked humor and raw personal words confidently assuming that they are very good and only that matters. They do not think of the guests’ acceptance. They do not realize the crowd’s level of intelligence.

In a nutshell: A wedding program is a relaxed event and the ease of activities make all at their comfort together with the sumptuous meal, the symbolic giveaways, the touching messages, the romantic music, the wedding traditions, the wedding highlights and party time.

Perfection is not asked for but the triumph of an event is the involvement felt from that upshot. A euphoric feel afterwards.

Wedding Reception Program Sample

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Wedding Reception Program Sample

How To Host A Filipino Wedding Reception Program


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The important parts of a wedding program are done during moments where everybody are gathered and afforded respite after the ceremony somewhere. The wedding emcee commences the show when everybody is settled.

After the grand entrance of the couple and brief acknowledgement of the members of the entourage, some highlights are called. The first is the mother and son dance then followed by the father and daughter dance and finally the traditional couple’s dance. These wedding rituals don’t take much time but imprints a memory for the couple with photos, video and all. Wedding traditions remain. You can have that twist here and there but still the symbolic of it all is called for.

Then, the wedding program flows by the competence of a professional wedding emcee who knows how to pace the sequence of a sample wedding program realizing that too long a program bores and too short a program hints that the wedding emcee has to catch up with something.

Being a professional emcee in any event thinks of the proper outcome of the activities at hand and realizing only the best of an event whether wedding, corporate or awarding ceremony armed with correct program script.

Augustine Music and Events (Entertainment and Events Bureau)

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Wedding Emcee Manila – Golden Wedding Grand Entrance

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A golden wedding anniversary is a feat to reach and those blessed with long, enduring relation is destiny. True love defines forever and together for the longest time only exemplifies God’s intention. It is deserving of love extended for keeps – till death. And that deserves grand celebration.

Golden wedding songs and music not only add romantic touch but aid in reminiscence from remarkable wedding musicians of Manila with some soulful hilt from a wedding singer hitting the old music mood reserved for commanding performance.

The privilege of being a part of the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Dr. Eligeo and Dra. Angelita Bautista last May 5, 2013 is noted. A clan of doctors ably prepared the affair with the help of wedding coordinators from Augustine Music and Events pulled out the disturbing hassles. The nostalgea created made us realize how wonderful life is if fully lived with the loving children and grandchildren around. It pictures joy.

Again, special note is kept for us to remember a golden event hardly surpassed in merits. What is better way to thank a wonderful family but GODSPEED.

Augustine Music and Events  9300621      09173520410      http://www.augustinemusic.com      mariolupato@yahoo.com


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One of the most exciting and enjoyable hosting jobs is a wedding reception program. It is casual and no need to flaunt how good your voice or diction is. The wedding emcee is there not exactly to liven moments but guide as events flow. No need for frills or antics to make a show. All it needs is to fill dull moments and a sincere professional emcee knows the trick.

A wedding reception program doesn’t need to be tediously long. It needs important involvement with some guests and relatives. It doesn’t need a shouting wedding emcee or shrieking one. It diminishes class, if it happens.

Many claim as expert masters of ceremonies and don’t accept criticism. They feel they know it all. They believe having a nice speaking voice is all it takes.True, a nice speaking voice is a plus but count delivery, the things to say, the lull cutting, the involvement process, the energy, the smile, the sincerity but most of all the organizing prowess.Ah, the world of words.

Then, fulfillment when the show is over by the program host having contributed to a wedding success that will be remembered a little longer. The gift of sharing counts as real testing ground how sincere and helpful a wedding supplier is.


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How to run a wedding reception program entails practical know-how and observations from wedding program witnessed. It is not necessary to follow standard flow common to weddings but a smooth reel from start to end with the help of the couple’s ideas can be managed smoothly.

Remember not to make the wedding reception program too long or short. The important thing is cropping the flow from the most important parts then the program climax for that end bang.

What are the most important parts of a wedding program?

  • Presentation of the bridal entourage
  • The grand entrance
  • The father and daughter dance
  • The traditional couple’s first dance
  • The wedding traditions

What are the special moments of a wedding program?

  • The ceremonial toast
  • Designated well wishers
  • The parents’ messages
  • A special song or music for the couple during their wedding dance

What is the climax of a wedding reception program?

  • Designed game for the single ladies
  • Designed game for the single men
  • The kissing game

How to end the program?

  • Couple’s message of thanks
  • Wedding program host’s parting words
  • Fireworks (optional)
  • Dance party

What contributes to the making of a successful wedding reception?

  • Sumptuous meal from respectable catering service
  • Wedding musicians
  • Songs and music
  • Guests’ participation
  • Wedding video and photography expertise
  • Beautiful flowers for the entourage
  • Wedding planning service
  • Memorable giveaways

What is next after the wedding affair?

Our best wishes and prayers for the newly married couple that they will love each other forever.

Augustine Music and Events   9300621   09173520410



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The wedding has to start around 10 am but being the wedding coordinators we were at the hotel around 7 am to check the venue if everything was set then to the bride’s room for other details need attending. We checked all things needed for the church and other flowers for the entourage was brought to the church. At around 9 am guests and bridal entourage were coming one after another and settled the guests especially the members of the entourage. Fifteen minutes before the scheduled ceremony we arranged the bridal entourage for the procession.

We took part for the photo session following the protocol of the church who comes next just to make things easier and smoother. We still assist the photographer for the pictorial for a quicker call.

Then, gathered some people at the entrance for the petal showering while two wedding coordinators were already at the registration at the ballroom for the seating arrangements we prepared. Carefully, we made it a point to double check guests as they came and giving them their corresponding table numbers.

The program started a bit late because of parking problem but the moment guests were almost there, we advised the couple to prepare for the program was about to commence.

As the wedding reception program was ongoing the wedding coordinators with their corresponding tasks made it smoother until the wrap-up job.

We saw to it that everything were turned over based from our wedding checklist and left food were carried out together with the gifts. We made sure that suppliers’ fees were settled and informed the couple that all things done. That was the only time the head wedding planner was free to sit and eat her meal


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The wedding of Ronald Bengcang and Ria Silvestre was remarkable in a sense that their guests were relaxed during the wedding rites until the wedding reception. Of course, the couple were bit jittery and that was understandable but still maintained their composure throughout the affair.

Wedding musicians of Augustine Music and Events provided wedding songs and music during the ceremony to the reception. They opted for a Filipino music during Ria’s bridal walk and the famous “Ikaw” was played with bubbles covering the whole church adding glitz as she walks. The wedding rites went well with the usual marriage flow officiated by a competent Catholic priest from Mt. Carmel Parish Church.

The reception was held at the roof deck of Bella Ibarra’s along Quezon Avenue near Edsa. The only minor annoyance of the reception venue is the faint noise of cars and jeepneys passing through the avenue but strong refreshing air enters the hall.

What matters was the wedding program went very good with the able program hosting of Mario Lupato and romantic music of the Augustine Music Ensemble. And of course, the usual food flair for any wedding reception is evident with cocktails on the go as the wedding reception program went.

Wedding songs and music were chosen by the couple except for the mother and son dance where we did a romantic song then for a brief father and daughter dance opted a standard famous jazz song, “Nearness of You” then the final dance where the couple does their special first dance and the song, “You And I” was sung for few moments before they did the most important parts of a wedding reception program and the rest went interestingly.

Again, this is another opportunity for us wedding musicians and artists to share what we do best and grateful being given the nod to do the wedding of very special young couple.


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  • A wedding reception program is a flexible flow where the couple can devise a program format of their own making sure important parts are in. But still, there is the familiar standard wedding program that you can play with.


  • The most important parts of a program should be done first.


  • Before the presentation of the entourage, a nice way to start is by acknowledging the parents and principal sponsors seated. A show of hand or they can rise when called is fine.


  • Then, the rest of the entourage with their partners are presented coming from the entrance. Flower girls are called first, followed by the bearers, then the secondary sponsors and next are the groomsmen with the bridesmaids. The maid or matron of honor with the best man are presented next.


  • The grand entrance of the couple is where the impact starts. A fog and bubble effects with confetti add flair as they enter walking in the middle of two lines formed by the bridal entourage. They can dance their way to the presidential table or the traditional way of entering.


  • Before the program starts, an optional way is an opening prayer.


  • The wedding reception program host introduces himself and short welcome address then do the highlights like mother and son dance, then the father and daughter dance followed by the couple’s traditional first dance now that the bride is handed to the groom.


  • After those touching moments, the couple can now proceed to the cake table for the wedding traditionscake cutting, champagne toast and release of doves all symbolic.


  • Before dinner is served, a thanksgiving prayer or grace before meal is done.


  • To facilitate order, guests per table are called for the pictorial with the couple before proceeding to the banquet table – a way to ease movements and to run things smoothly on the handle. While pictorial is on, music is played.


  • When everybody is seated having meal, this is the proper time for an audio-video presentation, if there is any.


  • What follows is the ceremonial toast where the best man together with the maid of honor do the toast, an act of expressing good wishes for the couple.


  • Timely, too for some messages from a ninong or a ninang, a friend or a relative and final messages from the parents.


  • And a little respite after this is fine by calling guest performers to serenade the couple or something to show, if any.


  • Then, the climax of the program by calling single ladies and men for the bouquet and garter games. As a surprise, the program host should not reveal the games to the couple. They should only know when the part is on.


  • Next thing to do, of course is the couple’s message of thanks then the wedding emcee does his last words before opening the dance or a party.


This is a simple program flow but the power of running the show and proper delivery make a wonderful wedding event.

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